Sunday, December 05, 2004

random thoughts on christmas, et al.

Today my sweetie left the country for the holidays. Yup, it'll be some weird Christmas for me. It's amazing how even though i end up getting a boyfriend before the year ends, i still have yet to enjoy a Christmas together with him. My past relationships didn't exactly give me a chance to do so due to a number of reasons:

A) I spend the holidays with my family, who are based in the province. It ain't exactly a jeep or a bus ride away, so this is basis enough for not getting my sweetie to spend Christmas with us.

B)He is out of the country. For the last two relatonships, the guy is usually based outside my country of origin, hence, the thought of doing the holiday thing is totally impossible.

C) Slight factor, but true: I fear for his sake, of what my family (both immediate and extended) may do to him. I have seen many a cousin suffer such fate, bringing their boyfriend/girlfriend into the family holidays, being grilled to death by fathers/uncles and talked to by countless mothers/aunts about anything and everything.

So anyhoo, he left this afternoon to catch his evening flight. We had last-minute errands, lunch and coffee, before getting into the whole goodbyes and hugs scenario. It's somehow reminiscent of last year --- *sigh*. I know he's only gone for three weeks, but i can't help but miss him....

+ + +

This year may be the start of firsts, though. I'm spending Christmas at home, but will be spending my first New Year's here in the city. It's interesting, and somehow i feel things may never be the same after this, not in the homefront anyway. I feel sad, for some reason, about this, after all, it's tradition that i'm breaking here. But still, i can't help but be excited about the change too...

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Lette's Reading list

To ease the boredom and possible bouts of anxiety/dimensia i may experience while my sweetie is away, i have bought several books to occupy my time (not to mention racked up a bill enough to break the bank). You might find any of these books interesting enough to browse through:

Trading Up by Candace Bushnell
I mentioned this in an earlier post, but i must say, it's a good enough read to check out again. It follows the adventures and misadventures of Janey Wilcox, a character Bushnell introduced in her previous book, 4 Blondes. Wilcox, a wanna be star/personality, has established her status as supermodel and is now embarking on a new future, meeting up with past loves, liasons and getting into the dirty of New York.

How to Travel with a Salmon and other essays by Umberto Eco
I am still halfway into this book. It's basically a collection of essays Eco wrote throughout his travels, with witty and funny anecdotes on how to handle typical tourist scenarios, from riding with an Italian cabdriver to travelling light. A bit wordy for my taste, but enjoyable all the same.

Sex Lives of Great Artists by Nigel Cawthorne
This book is like a peek into the intimate life of artists, from Van Gogh's demented and sometimes amusing perusals to Gaugain's exotic tastes. It's actually one of the books publsihed by Cawthorne whose main interests are the sexual appetites and exploits of interesting people, from Popes to Dictators. :-P I actually enjoy reading this, since this brings back a lot of the interesting discussions my art teacher had with us in Modern Art class.

Stories and Poetry of Edgar Allan Poe
Ok, ok, this thing got me hooked for a bit since i was only familiar with Poe's poetry. I was intrigued by his sad sad life and how it was reflected through his poetry. His stories are sad and at times really mean, though. His word construction takes some getting used to, too. Still, it's worth the time to read. :-)

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